Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Off 2 Kindergarten

I designed this set for a promotion for my daughters preschool to increase awareness of a new pre-kindergarten class that they are offering called Off 2 Kindergarten. If you live in FHSD and have little ones, you should definitely check it out!

Adults only

These were a gag birthday present, but would also be perfect for bachelor or bachelorette parties!

Patriotic stars

Stars and stripes perfect for any 4th of July celebration! I made these for our picnic at Patch Barracks in Germany this past summer. They didn't last long!


My sister's best friend had a surprise birthday party this year. These were the perfect birthday cookies for a lady who can't get enough ladybugs!

Henna inspired designs

I made these for a wedding celebration in Pittsburgh. It's tradition for the guests to bring cookies to the wedding and then everyone gets to take some home. Mine were a big hit!

Fun with Marbling


I love this cupcake cookie cutter! It's so much fun to match to the theme for any party! The zebra stripes were especially fun. So much work, but it was worth in when I saw how much the birthday girl loved them. And they matched her outfit!


These butterflies will always be special to me. They were the first decorated cookies I ever made and they were for my little girl's 4th birthday party.

Brush embroidery

I love this brush embroidery technique, I think it looks so elegant and beautiful.


Another fun cookie shape that can easily match any theme! The blue and pink gifts were a fun way for a friend to announce to our bunco group that she was expecting baby #3!

Valentine's Cookies

I had a lot of fun creating all these different Valentine's designs! I still don't know which ones I like best.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Thank you for visiting The Way The Cookie Crumbles! Here you will find examples of my work. I create custom designed, hand decorated chocolate chip, sugar, and chocolate cookies decorated with royal icing. I can ship anywhere in the United States. If you'd like to place an order or are interested in taking a class, please click the envelope at the top of the page and I'll be in touch with you as soon as possible!