Sunday, May 19, 2013

A mad tea party

My sweet baby girl turned 5 this week. I can't believe how fast the time flies! She decided she wanted to have an Alison Wonderland party this year, since she apparently thinks that is what the movie is called. How cute is that?

I hate to spend a lot of money on things that the kids won't even notice until they're older and looking at pictures, but I also want everything to be cute and the way I imagine it in my head. So I make everything myself. It takes quite a while!

 Cheshire grins to put a smile on your face.
 The Queen's court.
 Through the enchanted forest, or whatever that area was called in the movie...
To the mad tea party!

There were a lot of pink elements to this party since that is her favorite color. It really turned out to be more of just a tea party than a mad tea party, but what are you gonna do?

Pink disco dust mini cupcakes with, of course, an even mini-er cupcake cookie

Rice Crispie Treats dipped in white chocolate
I had hoped that these would come out pretty and smooth, like a little tea cake, instead I got these lumpy things. But they tasted good!

Lots and lots of cookies! I had actually planned to make more than this, but I was up until midnight several nights before the party just to get these done.

Teacup pops for her guests

My newest addition, chocolate chip cookies!

She made this sign herself to hang above the favors

And the birthday girl!

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